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No matter where you are in your sustainability transformation journey, our process will take you to the next level. By pulling from global best practices, emerging standards, our propitiatory impact data set, while also centering human experiences within the process, our 90-day sprints will move you forward as fast as you'd like to go.

Our 90-Day Sprint

When we work with you, your project is front and center, and we keep that tempo going with the project team during Milestone Meetings every few weeks. During the collaborative sessions, we gather a clear understanding of your impact goals, stakeholders, costs/benefits, and social, economic, and environmental ROI of your current operations. Culminating in an action-oriented roadmap of next steps. From there, we can continue to work alongside you to develop focused strategies, model potential scenarios, vet data tracking platforms, and create communications assets for maximizing your impact.

How does it all work?

Understanding where you want to go–or could go–is essential for building a roadmap for how to get there. The Theory of Change and Logic Model frameworks do just that, and by combining them with rigorous research, cost/benefit analysis, years of experience, and data visualization we're able to create a full picture of why a particular path is the best move and how it leads to your stated goals.

Pictures to move the conversation forward.

Complex ideas can get lost in paragraphs of text. We provide you with key data visualizations for quickly valuing your impact and understanding the road ahead. Building support for new initiatives, solidifying internal and external relationships, and speeding up the sustainable transformation.

General Mills Regenerative Agriculture SROI Example

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